The COVID-19 wave brought a huge change all over the world and might be here for some time. Obviously, the changes and the new norm of social distancing has impacted the way we travel.

In the Philippines, community quarantines across the country made us miss so many things and restricted us to go to places where our hearts’ desire, may it be to visit a loved one or just a quick break.

While many things have changed, airline companies, being one of the foremost businesses that got hit, created different ways to bounce back and instill confidence in the public to encourage them to fly once again.

And now that traveling is allowed once again, Philippine Airlines makes its way to prove that they have prepared well to give everyone a worry-free flight and the safest travel in the new normal. PAL assures everyone to fulfill their promise to be one with the Philippines Carriers in providing the highest levels of safety in air travel.

Moving forward, whatever measures are being adopted by the airlines to get people to fly again, one thing is certain: we, as their passengers, hold their key in providing the safest travel. Our contribution is to follow their safety regulations and accomplished the travel requirements so we can #FlySafe and #FlyPAL.

Don’t forget to read their travel rules and requirements at…/covid-19/travelrules.

Fly safe and book your flight with Philippine Airlines at: