HDI Admix Started as a CSR Project to ease the inconvenience of Filipino commuters forced to wait for public transport under the scorching heat of the sun.
With much dedication, HDI Admix approached the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) and expressed intention to construct waiting sheds free of charge.
Later on, interests from people to turn the sheds to advertising sites keep coming. Thus, in 1991, HDI Stopovers was born.
With the passion to continuously improve, in 2003, HDI Adventures was launched to address the need for diversity in the out-of-home advertising industry.
In less than a decade, HDI Admix was formed to provide digital OOH sites in the most sought-after locations.
Since 2015, HDI Admix has been known to be one of the Top leading providers of out-of-home media gaining the trust and respect of the biggest local and international brands.


To be a company that provides equal opportunities for people to grow and excel in providing excellent customer service that ensures its sustainability driven by love and care for the community.


To be the country’s leading offline and online advertising company by providing quality advertising platforms for clients that they can use as channels to communicate their good messages to help and inspire the community.


Our purpose is to provide equal opportunity for people and businesses. We exist to “Adcite” (excite) the audience through our creative executions, “Aducate” (educate) market of our clients using our platforms, and “Adpower” (empower) people and businesses in creating daily impact to their customers.