For the longest time, HDI holds its position to provide OOH solutions to businesses. And now, as we move towards the digital new normal, HDI Admix and its innovation team is plunging in the digital space to adapt in the ever-changing and disruptive advertising trends. With that, we have added another service to offer multi-touchpoint advertising solutions to our customers – HDI Adapt.
HDI Adapt is the latest advertising solution of the HDI Advertising group that assists every business with online advertising challenges. HDI Adapt is beyond just launching campaigns. HDI Adapt always brings advertising strategies a notch higher making online advertising campaigns stand out and deliver quality results in the new phase of the digital world.

Content Strategy

starts at ₱ 25,000

Digital Strategy

starts at ₱ 20,000

SEO Marketing

starts at ₱ 65,000

Performance Marketing

starts at ₱ 65,000

Waze Ads

starts at ₱ 50,000

Social Media Strategy

starts at ₱ 50,000

Social Media Ad Buying

starts at ₱ 10,000

Community Management

starts at ₱ 60,000

Project Management

starts at ₱ 25,000

Website Development

starts at ₱ 100,000