COVID-19 has taught us so many things and it includes adapting rapidly on this evolving situation. HDI Admix stays nimble in the game of this pandemic. With our current efforts in collaboration with our partners, we now officially share to you the #OutOfHomeSoon campaign.

We are launching this because we all aim for one thing, and that is to go Out Of Home soon. Out of home soon symbolizes healing and new hope for people and businesses and OUT OF HOME media.

We want to be out of home soon, but in the meantime we want to promote staying out home to help our country win this fight against COVID-19. Although indoors, we continue to stay true to our commitment to educate Filipinos, to provide excellent services and to make things possible for our clients. This made us create this campaign that aims to support the brand and message of our partners.

This campaign contains different activities thru different channels. Watch out for more materials that we will roll up on this campaign through the following channels: Social Media Pages, Linkedin, OOH sites and E-mail. If your business wants to join our campaign, the pleasure would be ours. Don’t worry, we offer this for FREE. All we need is your support and trust to us, HDI Admix.