Through the years, HDI Admix creates noise and catches eyeballs through colorful and playful messages displayed on their mini billboards. This year, when COVID-19 flipped the business world, HDI Admix flipped their strategies too and went deeper with meaningful and relevant efforts. They have found ways to turn this crisis into opportunities, and that is to use existing platforms to bring messages of hope and to uplift the spirits of every Filipino. Instead of releasing hard-selling materials to promote their sites, they utilized their platforms to bring smiles to Filipinos on the road.

If you’ve ever passed by EDSA or other secondary roads in Metro Manila and you see a huge orange billboard that says “Maganda Ka” (You are beautiful), “Guwapo Ka” (You are handsome) and “Hindi ka nag-iisa” (You are not alone), that is HDI Admix putting a smile on your face.


While there are lesser people on the road, THERE ARE STILL PEOPLE ON THE ROAD. And these people have to take the risk because they need to work or to be of service to the country. “These people feel the exhaustion, frustration, helplessness and hopelessness every single day, and we thought putting head turning and uplifting messages like “Maganda ka” can give slight ease to what they are feeling at that moment. Who wouldn’t want to be called maganda or guwapo right?” Says HDI Advertising Group President, Raoul Buencuchillo.


Though HDI Admix sites are located in Metro Manila, there are Filipinos from provinces who sacrificed staying in Metro Manila to make a living. This is the reason why the billboard messages are in different dialects.

“Hearing your hometown’s dialect makes you feel “at home” that’s why we translated these statements to different dialects to sort of bring warmth to those who chose to stay in Metro Manila to work for the past months, during quarantine and those who missed their families in their provinces. We know this is simple, but we are hoping that when they see this, they will feel the warmth of home even for just a bit” Added Mr. Buencuchillo.

The effort is even strengthened by these statements “Muli nating makikita ang ngiti ng bawat isa. Malalampasan natin lahat kapag may pagkakaisa. Huwag ka mawawalan ng pag-asa.” (We will see each other’s smile again. We will overcome this when we have unity. Don’t lose hope.) that are posted on their website and social media pages to remind everyone that this is not the time to race to the top, but a time to lift each other up.

“The start of the year might be challenging, but this can also be a year of creating impact and deeper connection. We are doing this to tell people that “Hey! We are here, we are rooting for you, we can do this together and don’t lose hope, there are brighter days ahead.” says Mr. Buencuchillo.

There are multiple things that the pandemic has made all of us realize, for HDI Admix, it’s the realization that more than the revenue, a business must live with its true purpose and act on it.

Also, through this simple effort, HDI Admix has proven that outdoor advertising is, indeed, powerful when used creatively and filled with beautiful messages or eye-catching execution will truly create impact to the lives of many.

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