Currently, Covid-19 pandemic leads a big challenge across global in different aspects, may it be financially, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, or physical aspect. Needless to say, many people have been under tremendous amount of stress, which affects not just the brain, but also the immune system, making them more susceptible to sickness.

And as people get scared of having this viral disease, it became a mandatory to attain and maintain a strong and healthy body and mind. Positivity, wellness, and mental health are paramount at this time.

This situation opened opportunities to companies with essential products that will contribute to the health and overall welfare of the people. And one company stood out and made possible ways to make natural health and wellness accessible to every Filipino, that is, MX3 NATURAL SUPPLEMENTS.

MX3 is known for their organic health products, but more than their determination to provide a healthy life to the Filipinos, the company strongly believes that while their products helps the physical body in becoming healthier, the heart and spirituality need to be made healthy too. This is the reason why aside from promoting their products, they are also promoting the goodness of God. And that is through, no less than, putting it up in several massive billboards.

Recently, MX3 placed bible verses across different OOH platforms in various locations. Instead of hardly promoting their products, they chose to share a spiritual aid to everyone to spiritually strengthen people in dealing with life-changing events, especially during these times.

HDI Admix is with MX3 in this monumental change to be a bridge for sending God’s words to everyone because this too shall pass.

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