As the world faces the challenge of a complete upheaval of lifestyle, people became more conscious about their health and finances.

The changes that the pandemic brings shifted the consumers’ way of thinking when it comes to purchasing. They became more practical and more aware of the quality of the products they are buying, especially when it comes to their health.

Good thing that one pharmaceutical company offered great support to the Filipinos, not just at the time of COVID-19 but since before the outbreak came in. The Generics Pharmacy, or TGP as known by many, is one of the pharmaceutical companies that provides quality, affordable, and accessible generic medicine and healthcare products to the Filipinos for a healthy and productive life.

Moreover, in a time of economic regression and global health fears, the reputation of pharmaceutical companies is on the line and their ways to lighten the burden of this pandemic to every Filipino will not be easily forgotten.

TGP makes sure that they will always be the “TGPagpagaling ng Pilipinas”.

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