COVID-19 has people battling with the new normal. Weeks after community quarantines, our lives and finances have been completely flipped. Suddenly, our homes were turned into makeshift offices, got obsessed with washing hands from time to time, and almost hoarded all kinds of hygiene goods just to make sure we keep ourselves and our families safe.

In these unprecedented times, people’s mindset has been probably changing and many of us might look for health and financial protection products. The COVID-19 has been a “Penny Dropping Moment” with many people across the globe as they are starting to appreciate the importance of purchasing a life insurance.

As insurance companies make noise in this new normal, Manulife Philippines launches its newest product – HEALTHFLEX, an innovative and accessible life and health insurance solution. They are the first and the only one in the market to launch a product that provides customers the flexibility to select the right critical illness protection for them and enhance the scope of their coverage by adding the benefits of their choice.

It was indeed an innovative move for Manulife to provide Filipinos a flexible and affordable financial protection that is needed by everyone in this new normal and the life moving forward.

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