Allow us to share a little information on how to best experience OOH and price ranges that could fit your budget.


Each advertising platform whether off-line or on-line is unique, a huge factor is your campaign objectives or goals.   The monthly rates vary depending on location, size, type of execution, campaign duration and more.

A standard 40ft (H) x 60ft (W) billboard in NLEX and a high-impact special execution on an EDSA Waiting Shed Mini-Billboard might cost almost the same for a short placement period.  Or a multiple channel on-line ad campaign supported by Transit Ads to cover a wider area might better deliver the result you need compared to a purely digital-based campaign effort.

Essentially, the bigger the goal, the more elaborate the execution is, the higher the cost will be.

Here are some of the executions that we have done for your reference and rough price guidance only.  Kindly take note that images / artworks / designs installed are the sole property of the clients.

  • P       50,000.00         to        P        200,000.00             SAMPLES
  • P     200,000.00         to        P        350,000.00            SAMPLES
  • P     350,000.00         to        P        500,000.00            SAMPLES
  • P     500,000.00         to        P     1,000,000.00            SAMPLES
  • Above P 1,000,000.00                                                       SAMPLES

Some campaign execution could go higher but again it will really be dependent on the results you want to achieve.


  • We start with a discovery session with you to understand your objectives and timeline for us to know and recommend the best strategy for your campaign.
  • Then we agree on a working budget.
  • Once the budget is agreed, we select and present options on execution and collaterals that are suitable to your plans.

This is the advantage when partnering with HDI, we prioritize your needs and goals.


We would understand that you would be shopping around to find who can best serve you.  With this, make HDI your LAST STOP. Strange right? This is because we pride ourselves in really taking extra care in ensuring that the customer gets their money’s worth. Once you have looked around and talked to 2 or 3 suppliers, and us, as your last stop, you would make the best decision for your advertising needs.

HDI Admix is open from 9AM to 6PM, Mondays to Fridays.   Our office is located in No. 159 Ermin Garcia St., Bgy. E. Rodriguez, Cubao, Quezon City.   Since your safety and health and our staff’s well-being are very important; we will be recommending an e-meeting for our initial discussion.

Feel free to reply to this e-mail if you have any questions or need for clarification.  Kindly expect a call from one of our client relations representatives to further assist you.  We look forward to being of service to you!