K-Pop fandom has grown exponentially for the last couple of years, which gave birth to countless dedicated fan organizations all over the world. In the Philippines, K-pop fans have seen remarkably active in supporting their K-pop idols.

cultural producers themselves. Fan clubs who consists of global networks, comprising diverse nationalities and ages.

Most active fan clubs have their own fan sites, Facebook pages and the likes, so they can easily blog about their favorite idol/s and can easily communicate with each of the members. But, the K-pop wave has really struck the Filipinos powerfully that they even invade the streets.

Who says billboards and other outdoor advertising platforms are for brands and companies only? Recently, Taehgers PH – a K-pop fan group supporting BTS member, Taehyung or V, creates a beautiful noise in the KPOP fan community as they took their birthday greeting to their idol to the next level. They have spread their birthday greetings in different OOH platform in the stretch of EDSA.

HDI Admix mini billboard or a biggest greeting card.

This is a proof that outdoor advertising platforms are a powerful tool to convey any message – may it be a marketing message or a simple Happy Birthday.