The brand new year might have gotten you asking these questions to yourself, “Where am I now? How could I level up my career?”

With the effects of the pandemic to several businesses and institutions, finding answers to these questions can be a challenge. Rewind to the middle of 2020, many people have lost their job, some were stuck in a rut, and some were torn between staying or making a big jump. Either way, you should still know how to check your progress and remain focused on your goals.

Career path isn’t a straight line – it’s a cycle of ups and downs, depending on the choices you’ve made and you’ll make.

Here are some things you need to keep in mind to be able to level up your careers and meet your goals.

  1. Assess your current goals and think of what’s next.

Try to check whether your current goals are now in the palm of your hands based on your present career.  If yes, then you have to create another plan that will bring you closer to your bigger goals. Aim for bigger things and go for bigger opportunities.

  1. Celebrate, then get back to the game.

Celebrate your well-deserved success! You worked hard for it, you got it, you definitely deserve to celebrate. But remember that you have to get back to the game for the bigger prize. Most people would stop after winning, but successful people keep chasing new successes. Open your horizons and try to think and move outside the box – try new things! You’ll never know what’s ahead of you if you keep yourself in the same comfortable spot.

  1. Always aim for the WINNING GAME.

Having a stable 8-hour job is good. But you should not put your eggs in 1 basket. Having another source of income during your free hours is better, especially during these tough times.  If you are aiming for a bigger prize, then you have to grind harder. Don’t miss the chance of earning during your extra time. And if you are one of those who lost their jobs because of the pandemic, HDI Admix is opening a bigger opportunity to earn bigger returns.

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Don’t waste a second to level up your career. Stop comparing your progress with other people, start growing and working hard, let your success surprise them.